Kenjiro Cho
Research Director, Internet Initiative Japan, Inc.
Panel title
Challenges towards Future Society
Panel abstract
The panel session aims at discussing technical challenges for the Internet to enable people to build future information society. The Internet is and continues to be an enabling infrastructure that enables new protocols, new applications, new devices, new business, new life-style, and new social structures.  However, how it evolves is
hard to predict because evolutionary paths will vary, influenced by the dynamics of various factors such as technological development, business decisions by stakeholders, deregulations and other IT policies, and global competition.  Thus, it is essential to the design of future Internet technologies to have economical and societal perspectives.  The panel will start with a brief review of the future Internet research, followed by discussion on business and societal needs to examine the current research directions and broaden our views.
Kenjiro Cho is Research Director at Internet Initiative Japan, Inc. He is also an adjunct professor at Keio University and Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, and a board member of the WIDE project. His current research interests include Internet data analysis, cloud networking, and large-scale content distribution systems. He received the B.S. degree in electronic engineering from Kobe University,  the M.Eng. degree in computer science from Cornell University, and the Ph.D.  degree in media and governance from Keio University.  He was with Canon, Inc. during 1984-1995, with Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc. during 1996-2004, and is with IIJ since 2004.