Vania Conan
Research Director, Thales Communications & Security
Talk title
User centric offloading using terminal-to-terminal connections to offload congested radio access networks
Talk abstract
Mobile traffic surge (a 26-fold data increase is planned in the coming five years) calls for radically new traffic delivery mechanisms. We advocate a novel traffic offloading architecture that exploits terminal-to-terminal communication opportunities to offload traffic from the cellular radio access. This architecture exploits direct connections between terminals to support content delivery to crowds of users. The talk reviews the technical challenges posed by this approach, protocol design and performance targets as well as business opportunities for mobile operators.
Vania Conan is a networking expert at Thales Communications & Security, in France. Over the past years his research has spanned wireless node architectures, opportunistic protocol design, cross-layer communication paradigms and middleware design for networked systems. His current focus is on the design of mobile radio networks and terminals exploiting opportunistic communications. He has published over 60 international conference and journal papers and filed several patents in networking technologies.