Ryutaro Kawamura
Director, Vice President, NTT Network Innovation Laboratories
Talk title
Requirements, expectations and controversies surrounding the future Internet
Talk abstract
The Internet is a key infrastructure for the global exchange of knowledge and communication, and it growth rate remains unprecedented. In this talk, I'd like to discuss several key technological and non-technological issues regarding the Internet of the future from the network service provider's viewpoints, including the requirements,
expectations and controversies. For example, challenging the rapid increase in the volume of data traffic, how to promote the connection of real "things" to the Internet, and the dilemma between the ideal of networking and the nature of network technologies.
In 1989 he joined Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation's (NTT) Transport Systems Laboratories. From 1998-1999, he was a visiting researcher in Columbia University. From 2003 he has been a Board of Director of OSGi Alliance (www.osgi.org). He is engaged in research on network reliability techniques, network control and management, high-speed computer networks, network middleware, software component technologies, network service platform and the future Internet. Currently, he is a director and vice president in NTT Network Innovation Labs.