Jun Murai
Dean and Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Keio University
Topic for the panel
Strategies of 2013
Topic abstract
The Internet: In the past few years, the role of the Internet has been discussed in somewhat different ways than the previous decades. First of all, the serious discussion toward access of the Internet becoming one of the 'human right' can lead to a new design goal of the technology. The nature of the Internet is to provide truly global
space to human being, which has been achieved in a sense, but there still remains a long way in terms of scaling and traffic management. The accurate time and location information has been added to the cyber space data. This achieved the convergence of the cyber space on the Internet and the physical space with the Internet.  Now, we need very interesting design efforts for the future of the distributed processing system called the Internet by these aspects of the grand
convergence of the global space covering the entire planet, with precise concepts of accurate time, location and human life. This new design strategy of the Internet in 2013 would be discussed.
Jun Murai is Dean and Professor of Faculty of Environment and Information Studies at Keio University, and the Founder of the WIDE Project. Jun Murai is an expert in Computer Communications and Operating Systems, and has been playing invaluable roles in the Internet community over the last 3 decades. He established the first UNIX-based academic network in Japan, JUNET, in 1984, and the WIDE Project in 1988 to launch the first TCP/IP network in the Asia-Pacific region. He has been advising national governments and global IT policy communities. Jun Murai graduated from Keio University in 1979, and holds MS (1981) and Ph.D. (1987) in Computer Science from Keio University. He served as Internet Architecture Board (IAB) in 1993-1995, Board of trustee of Internet Society (ISOC) in 1997-2000, and Board of Director of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) in 1998-2003. His major awards include Jonathan B. Postel Award from ISOC in 2005,
Funai Achievement Award in 2007, IEEE Internet Award in 2011, and the Okawa Prize in 2012.