Thomas Noel
Professor, Université de Strasbourg
Talk title
Why we need a new architecture for the Internet of Things
Talk abstract
Internet of Things introduces new challenges to support more and more sensors or actuators connected to Internet. This paradigm is not without raising issues in term of complexity to design new (simple, scalable, etc.) protocols to support these devices. We will present a new approach : simple, low-overhead, integrated architecture for RESTful communication between applications and equipments. This architecture takes the form of a distributed operating system, hiding details of home area network and providing an access to the individual components via a RESTful interface. This distributed operating system runs on a master processor (which can be a box such as a Raspberry Pi for example) as well as on sensors, which can be as simple as TinyOS, Contiki, or Arduino nodes. The interconnection network between master and slave processors can be any layer 2 network (Ethernet, Wifi, 802.15.4, PLC, etc.). The system is designed for maximum simplicity, removing all unneeded protocols and components, therefore achieving higher reliability which is mandatory for such environments, yet delivering RESTful communication to the IPv4 and IPv6 worlds.
Thomas Noel ( is professor in computer science at University of Strasbourg - France. He is the head of the computer science department in the ICube Laboratory ( The main fields of application of ICube are engineering for health, the environment and sustainable development. Thomas Noel's research interests include Network Architectures, Wireless Sensor Networks, Internet of Things, Environmental and Wildlife Monitoring, Mobility in IP Networks, Low Power Algorithms.