Shinji Shimojo
NICT/Osaka University
Topic for the panel
How does Future Internet change our life? Examples from JGN-X.
Topic abstract
Future Internet (FI) has been a research topics for few years. However, the area of research on FI is so diverse and it is difficult to explain how these technologies are applied. To fill the gap between technology development and its application, we are operating network testbed called JGN-X for FI. JGN-X has been used for many research and development on FI. But most of  experiments were performed on the backbone. Although one of the expecting area of application of FI is on the wireless communication and sensor network, we could not have such testbed in reality. Here we introduce our  effort to bring a new kind of testbed in Tohoku area and North district of Osaka Station.which adopt SDN, wireless network and sensor network.
Shinji Shimojo is a professor at Cybermedia Center and a director of network testbed research and development promotion center, NICT. He is running national network testbed called JGN-X which is used for R&D of Future Internet. He is involved in building a science park in the downtown Osaka which is called Knowledge Capital and is recently open.